The Best Aerobic Exercise, The 20-minute Solution

The Best Aerobic Exercise, The 20-minute Solution

If you are starting to feel like a hamster on one of those wheels during your usual aerobic workout day there is good news, there is a much better and quicker solution. The best aerobic exercise if done properly can be completed in only 20 minutes.

It is unfortunate but still commonplace for people to do static aerobic exercise 2-3 times per week. By static I mean for instance, walking at the same speed for an hour or so on a treadmill or walking outside. Or maybe you jog or ride a stationary bike. I too have done this for hours on end, watching the digital calorie read out changing slowly.

It is time to forget what you have been doing and to look at aerobic exercise in a different way. You already have probably discovered that the low intensity long duration exercise hasn’t provided you with the fat burning results that you were looking for.

Research has indicated that a high intensity workout will burn more fat more effectively. In fact up to 50% more fat than a low intensity program. It will also get your metabolism cranked up and kept cranked up for quite a while even after your workout is done.

I happen to live in a climate that is not at all outdoor friendly during the winter season. I really don’t care for the cold so most of my exercise is done indoors during those months. I like to switch up my aerobic routine on occasion but as my standard fallback routine I utilize my stationary bike. The best aerobic exercise routine isn’t a full out high impact routine for 20 minutes straight out full throttle, but rather a sort of modified graduated step plan. 

What I mean by this is that your intensity is gradually increased in steps. For example, I start out riding my stationary bike at an easy comfortable level let us say 25 miles per hour and continue at this level for 2 minutes. I then for the next minute turn it up a notch to around 30 miles per hour. Then for another minute I increase to 35 miles per hour. Then for the fifth minute I increase again to the level of 40 miles per hour. I then start the 5-minute cycle over again at 25 miles per hour. I continue these cycles for the first 15 minutes of my workout.

During the last cycle of the routine minutes 16-20, I change it up just a little bit. I ride at 25 miles per hour for just 1 minute instead of 2 then proceed as in the previous steps. This will leave you with the 20th minute back at the starting speed. Ending on the slower speed acts somewhat as a cool down period. 

One thing to keep in mind is that your top speed should push your limit pretty much all out. I think this is the best aerobic exercise method. You will never outgrow your routine if you do it this way.