Simple Steps For Losing Belly Fat With An Efficient 15 Minute Workout

Simple Steps For Losing Belly Fat With An Efficient 15 Minute Workout

A good number of people do not have an adequate amount of time or cash to enroll at a sports center and get the activity their body needs. Nevertheless, if you have the time to devote just 15 minutes a day to a regular quickly-paced workout program you can drop a good deal of that belly fat you are so desperately wishing you could lose.

If you would like to burn fat and improve your general health the secret is not working out hard, but working out consistently. Fat burning is accomplished with a consistent routine. Weight loss is an achievable goal if you merely come up with an adequate strategy and do it reliably. And the great thing about getting in good shape and losing weight is there are a large number of different kinds of workouts, so you can pick the ideal one for you. The specific workout listed below can be a great help in losing stomach fat.

To obtain the maximum benefit from exercise it needs to be done at least 4 or 5 times each week. If you put in the time and effort you can get the rewards. Without putting in the effort and time you will find that it is hard to lose weight or maintain optimum health. The exercise routine listed below is designed to consume 15 minutes of your day, but it is quickly-paced and will help you lose belly fat which will increase your overall health. If you have extra time after your routine is over, walking or jogging for a couple of miles every day is also an option.

The exercise program below is one half jumping rope and one half sit-ups, push-ups, and squats. By moving from one exercise program to the one following, with no resting in between, you can finish the program in just 15 minutes. Each part of the routine will take 90 seconds. Perform as many of each exercise as you can during that 90 second period of time and then immediately move on to the subsequent step.

Step 1 – We will start our workout by jumping rope. Simply get a jump rope and begin jumping, jumping one time for each rope turn. This will get your heart pumping and blood circulating, in addition to helping warm up for the subsequent steps. 

Step 2 – Begin in a standing position, squat down, turn over on your backside, place your feet flat on the ground by bending your knees, and do 5 tummy crunches. Do not move your head and body all the way up to your knees or legs each time, just high enough to cause your tummy muscles to work hard. When done with 5 stomach crunches roll over onto your tummy, get back to the squatting position, and then stand up again. This is a solitary rep. Complete as many reps as you can throughout the 90 second period.

Step 3 – It is time to jump rope again. Repeat what you did during the step 1 by hopping once for each and every revolution of the jump rope. It will be harder this time around, so just do as many as you can. As you get in better shape you will improve. 

Step 4 – This is similar to step 2, but will include push-ups as a substitute for tummy crunches. Get started from a standing position, squat down like you did in step 2, put your hands on the floor, move your feet a greater distance in back of you until you are in push-up position, and do just one push-up. Return your feet to the vicinity of your hands until you are back to the squatting position and then stand back up. This is one rep. Perform as many repetitions as possible during that 90 seconds. 

Step 5 – It is now time to jump rope again. This time around we will do two turns of the rope. We will be jumping a single time for each two turns of the rope. The rope needs to be swung around pretty quickly to get it around two times, but with some practice you will be able to master the process. If you cannot do it correctly just continue to do one single turn of the rope until you are able to do two.

Step 6 – Do step 2 again

Step 7 – Believe it or not we are going to jump rope again. If you can do two turns of the rope go ahead and do them. If you cannot, continue with the single turns of the rope. Ultimately you will want to do single jump rope revolutions in step 1 and step 3, but two turns of the rope in step 5 and step 7. 

Step 8 – Step 4 repeated.

Step 9 – Finally, your very last rope jumping routine. This won’t be as strenuous because you will only do single turns of the rope this time. 

Step 10 – Repeat step 2. You deserve a pat on the back because you made it to the end. Do this exercise routine every day and watch the belly fat fade away.